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Eric Rubino

Eric brings over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology industry and a wealth of leadership and entrepreneurial expertise to the Ohana management team. As CEO, Eric is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Ohana as well as overseeing the strategic development and execution of the company’s business and product plans.




Chief Business Development Officer
Alex Giacco

As Chief Business Development Officer, Alex helps drive customer acquisition and adoption, as well as identifying and on-boarding key Ohana partners. As a key member of the Ohana executive team, Alex continues his business growth strategy and sales efforts, bringing on new business and new market opportunities, while creating the structure to support all of Ohana’s initiatives.




VP Finance
Brad Newsom

Brad has been with the Ohana Finance team since 2008 and manages the company’s day-to-day financial operations and reporting. He has a wide range of experience dealing with the unique financial challenges present in the promotional marketing industry. Before Ohana, Brad worked with both TransUnion SSI and Mercer HR. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware.




Director of Operations
Michele Barbaccio

Mickey brings over 25 years of project management, client account management, advertising and production expertise to her role leading Operations, Implementation and Customer Care for Ohana Companies. She thoroughly enjoys problem solving, efficiency and forward thinking. Our clients, and their satisfaction, are her number one priority while continually striving to enforce and improve internal practices and customer satisfaction.




Solutions Architect
Joseph Lesky

Joe joined the Ohana team in 2010 and brings over 20 years of software development experience. He is the head of IT and is responsible for IT services and infrastructure, including all of the client platforms.




Client Delivery
Ben Tusi

Ben has been a part of the Ohana team since its inception. He currently manages several of Ohana’s key accounts, driving business forward through cultivation of excellent client relationships. Often a key figure in launching new clients, his knowledge and expertise will make sure all your goals are not only achieved but will make sure they are achieved in the most efficient and economical way possible.



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Ohana manages rebate programs for retailers, service providers and manufacturers that have
millions of submissions to several hundred a year. We work with you to design the best platform
for you at the right price; whether it is a custom branded solution or utilizing our standard rebate
platform, Your customers can take advantage of an easy rebate process with
access to their status every step of the way! You receive the data and analytics to drive future marketing
initiatives. We plan, launch, deliver and report while offering “High-Touch” service for all our programs.










Ohana designs and manages incentive platforms to assist you in building loyalty and repeat customers.
Whether it is a program for your best customers or to motivate your employees, contact us to discuss
how it can be best accomplished. Our account managers and customer service team stand behind
these programs with our excellent service.










Ohana provides great diversification of your marketing effort by using sweepstakes and digital games to
enhance your message and customer participation. Both programs offer a fixed cost approach to gaining
valuable customer data. Bring new excitement to your promotions with maximum customer engagement.
As always, Ohana’s “High-Touch” customer service stands behind these programs.










Ohana fulfills rebate, incentive and digital games/sweepstakes in a variety of ways.
We send physical and electronic prepaid cards with your branding, gift cards from thousands
of merchants, electronic codes via email, and physical merchandise. Each fulfillment vehicle is
accompanied by a custom marketing message. Our incentive platform can support point based
incentives with point redemption from a reward catalog. You can customize your reward catalog
based on your target audience, choose as many or as few products to feature in the catalog. Let us
know what you are thinking.











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